U.K. Bars Entry to Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, and Lauren Southern

By Mundilfury | redice.tv

The following Wall Street Journal article presented below is written in the now commonplace, near-hysterical tone of the mainstream media. Comparatively speaking, this piece’s vilification of right-of-centre activists is tempered somewhat; but the sobriquets are invoked all the same. For instance, the piece describes Ms. Pettibone, Mr. Sellner, and Mr. Robinson as “far-right” multiple times. The terms “far-right extremists” “extremists” and “hate crimes” are also invoked.

It is ridiculous to suggest that these individuals are more of a threat to social cohesion than the tens of thousands of Muslim radicals running rampant across Britain. Once a bastion of free speech and liberty, Britain has devolved into an Orwellian police state hell-bent on replacing their citizenry with hostile foreigners.

Whoever gainsays this agenda is detained, deported, imprisoned, and pilloried. On a positive note, however, Ms. Pettibone and…

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