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NEW YORK—“What Do We Do With These Men?” thunders a New York Times front-page headline, followed by a mouth-frothing, overwrought hissy fit worthy of an Oscar in the overacting department. These “men” are the usual suspects: media people and Hollywood types who have been accused by the weaker sex of sexual harassment. Oh, boy! Is this place going nuts or what? Spring is here, the girls are in their summer dresses—not really, they all wear leggings—but all one hears is about the bestiality of the stronger sex. Who is next is THE question. The bookies are having a field day. “Under what terms should they be allowed to return to normal life?” asks a female Times hack. As there is no American gulag, why not shoot the bastards and be done with it, ventures poor little me.

Never mind. We always have Trump, and if you think he’s getting away with anything because of the #MeToo movement, think again. The media want the rest of us to believe that the 45th president is just barely hanging on, a beleaguered White House prisoner struggling to keep his job. According to the majority of the Fourth Estate, there is “incontrovertible” evidence that the Russians got him his Pennsylvania Avenue residence by cheating.

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Needless to say, there is nothing of the kind, but when the Sulzberger-Bezos gang realized that the election had gone against them, presto, an avalanche of mostly false accusations produced a special prosecutor and then their paid hands went to work. Never mind the tattered…

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