Two More Explosive Devices Rattle Texas After Austin Bombings

Two more explosive devices in Texas, one that blew up inside a FedEx Corp. facility outside San Antonio, and another found unexploded at a FedEx site in Austin, kept the region on edge Tuesday as the investigation intensified.

Austin Police said Tuesday evening they were responding to an explosion in the city’s south.

A call about the first explosion came in Tuesday morning, shortly after 12 a.m. local time, at a FedEx Ground sorting facility in Schertz. It followed an explosion in Austin on Sunday night, the fourth there since early March in a series of incidents that police have blamed on a serial bomber.

Austin Police said in a tweet that two packages found Tuesday are connected to the four previous explosions in Austin that have occurred this month.

Two people familiar with the investigation said emergency officials responded to an unexploded device found in the other FedEx center near Austin’s airport. Austin Police Officer Destiny Winston said a call came in identifying a suspicious package there after 6 a.m., and that the bomb squad was brought in.

FedEx said in a statement that the individual responsible for the package that exploded in Schertz also shipped a second package that was secured and turned over to authorities.

The explosion occurred in a sorting area while the package was traveling along a conveyor belt, said police in Schertz, which is about an hour south of Austin. One person was treated for minor injuries.

Police cars blocked the road leading…

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