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While social media companies technically have the right to censor viewpoints, by doing so they are turning into a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party and should be dumped for alternatives, libertarian Arvin Vohra told RT.

“Absolutely none of this is justified,” Vohra told RT, asked about recent suspensions and bans on Twitter that have affected the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and the editorial director of Antiwar.com.

Earlier, Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify had also blocked and deleted all content by the self-described libertarian broadcaster Alex Jones, and his InfoWars show.

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Twitter HQ in San Francisco. © Josh Edelson

The companies have the right to censor their users, but “it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do,” said Vohra, who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

Twitter is “setting a horrific example by turning their platform into a pro-state, left wing ideologue operation, rather than an open marketplace of ideas,” Vohra added.

“Twitter has become just another piece of the mainstream media that is supporting the status quo, that is supporting the military-industrial complex, and that really needs to be treated by the American people as an ideological enemy,” Vohra said. “Twitter is not our friend.”

Libertarians consider much of the government as illegitimate, comparing taxation to theft, for example. They prefer free markets and minimal –if any– state authority. Rather than demanding that corporations abide by the same First Amendment constraints as the government, Vohra suggested a better course of action would be to abandon the existing platforms for new, better ones.

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“That’s the great thing about the free market. We’re not required to use Facebook. We’re not required to use Twitter,” he said. If they want to become part of a propaganda wing of the Democrats, Americans have the right to say “no thank you” and use alternatives, he added.

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