Turks Bomb PKK, ISIS Execute Civilians; 136 Killed in Iraq

Christian Iraqis residing in displaced persons camps believe
that an upcoming operation to liberate Mosul will not make the country safe for
them, and they fear that if they return to their homes, they will find nothing.
Analysts also warn
that the Islamic State militants appear to be quickly changing their attitudes
towards Christians. Where once they were treated as “people of the Book,” they
are now treated as pagans.

A judicial panel charged with examining corruption charges
against Speaker Salim al-Jabouri dismissed
the case over a lack of evidence. Last week, Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi accused
the speaker and several other officials, current and former, as the minister
himself was being interrogated. The dismissal came just hours after Jabouri requested
his immunity against prosecution be dropped in order for the case to be

Security forces say they have secured
about 25 percent of Falluja in preparation for the return of residents.
That includes not only ridding the neighborhoods of militants but also
booby-traps and other dangers. Some repairs to infrastructure are also part of
the program.

Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi confirmed
that Peshmerga forces will be participating in the upcoming operation in Mosul.

At least 136 people were killed and 33 more wounded:

The number of displaced civilians executed while trying to
escape Hawija was raised by 27
to a total of 112 dead.

In Baghdad, a bomb at a car showroom in Bayaa
left one
dead and seven wounded
. Three
people were killed and six were wounded
by a blast at an Amil

Security forces killed
fifty militants
in Albu Kanaan. The militants were fleeing battles
in Khalidiya Island.

In Mosul, militants detained 25 women, killing five of them,
who were members of a Daesh female accountability force. Unidentified gunmen killed
14 militants and wounded 20 more

In Khalidiya Island, militants executed
eight of their own
for deserting the battlefield. Security forces killed
six militants

Airstrikes killed
six militants
in Mesherfa and Hadar.

militants were killed
in Husayba.

Turkish warplanes bombed Iraqi territory and killed
13 members
of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.).

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