Turkey decades away from joining EU: Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron doubts Turkey will ever be able to join the European Union (EU), saying that the UK “has a veto on another country joining.”

“Turkey joining the EU is not remotely on the cards. At the current rate of progress it would be decades, literally decades, before this even had a prospect of happening. And even at that stage, we would be able to say no,” Cameron said Sunday.

Turkey took its first step towards joining the former European Economic Community in 1963, and officially applied to join in 1987, but has so far failed to reach EU standards in areas such as free speech and media.

“At the current rate of progress they will probably get round to joining in about the year 3000 according to the latest forecasts,” Cameron asserted.

Cameron’s comments came in response to claims made by one of his own cabinet ministers who had disputed London’s right to veto Ankara’s EU bid.

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