Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Jewish Refugee Advocate

By Reinhard Wolff | redice.tv

Tucker Carlson may be a fairly basic Republican, but he does a fantastic – and hilarious – job of humiliating Leftists. In fact, his treatment of Kurt Eichenwald sent Kurt into a frenzy later that night, which culminated in him allegedly having a seizure.

Recently, Tucker had HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield on his show. For those unaware, HIAS is a Jewish “charity” that exists for the sole purpose of relocating non-Whites to America. To date, they’ve imported nearly 5 million refugees.

Tucker has no trouble making Hetfield look like an idiot. He begins by criticizing Hetfield’s appeal to “American values”. When asked to define those nebulous values, Hetfield is unable to do so. Tucker presses on, and refuses to allow Hetfield to get away with slimy cop-outs and evasive non-answers.


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