Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Jewish Refugee Advocate


By Reinhard Wolff | redice.tv

Tucker Carlson may be a fairly basic Republican, but he does a fantastic – and hilarious – job of humiliating Leftists. In fact, his treatment of Kurt Eichenwald sent Kurt into a frenzy later that night, which culminated in him allegedly having a seizure.

Recently, Tucker had HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield on his show. For those unaware, HIAS is a Jewish “charity” that exists for the sole purpose of relocating non-Whites to America. To date, they’ve imported nearly 5 million refugees.

Tucker has no trouble making Hetfield look like an idiot. He begins by criticizing Hetfield’s appeal to “American values”. When asked to define those nebulous values, Hetfield is unable to do so. Tucker presses on, and refuses to allow Hetfield to get away with slimy cop-outs and evasive non-answers.


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  • Zaphod Braden

    Send the muslims to Israel. Israel is the land of DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, and INCLUSIVENESS. Thank the ADL,SPLC, ACLU,for INJECTING these foreign viruses into OUR society with their “tolerance, diversity, inclusion” aimed and designed to fracture and infect OUR White, Christian,Western, People. Even as they BRAG that they are creating a”PURE JEWISH” Israel.
    The SEMITES should all be together.
    Israel is the only country that doesn’t have to be multicultural yet the Jewish controlled American congress and big business demands it of America – meanwhile our country is quickly starting to look very third world. Its time to stop this now – AIPAC owns the American congress. America needs a political party that is going to represent the rights of middle class Americans. AIPAC secures 4 billion dollars of American taxpayers money to fund Israel’s war of genocide against the Palestinians. Christian American youth are dying in the middle east for Israel and don’t even know what they are fighting for – they think its for a terrorist threat to America. What idiots we are – wake up America and take your country back from both AIPAC and the government that has been bought by them. Israel is a tick on our back…lets take back our country.

  • Scott Banks

    Get rid of the jews and every other problem will follow them out the door.

    • HelenBack

      Believe it or not Hitler was a jew and most if not all of his top men were jews as well. Hitler did not like the fact that the west was dominated by jewish run and controlled countries. Hitler put the jews to work and the useless eaters to death.

  • HelenBack

    And I am sure his charity pays him a zillion dollar a year salary paid for by US taxpayers money….he loves the money, hates the Americans and has gleefully relocated 5 MILLION turds into America. This man should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.