Trump’s whole administration is in disarray: Analyst

US Republican Senator John McCain is “referring to the foreign policy realm” of the Donald Trump administration “being in disarray but in reality it’s his whole team,” according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist. 

On Friday, McCain said the resignation of President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, shows that the new administration is in “disarray.”

“McCain says the firing of Flynn is an indication that Trump is not in control and has a lot of work to do. He could also be thinking of the president’s Middle East policy which seems to jump all over the place,” Hoenig said.  

“At one point he supports a two state solution but in another moment he refers to not being committed to it; perhaps a one state solution that makes Israel the exclusive power, rather than a more sensible one state with equal rights for all,” he added.

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