Trump’s Executive Order Does Not Hide This Historical Pattern of Cruelty

Photo Source ღ ℂℏ℟ḯʂ ღ | CC BY 2.0

The separation of families can only continue to operate if there are enough collaborators to reproduce the system of apprehension, transport, processing, and internment. As far as any moral compass goes, one ought not to wait for hindsight to see the dirty work that is now as clear as noonday light and for this reason impossible to sanitize. One ought to be a first responder to save the children from needless trauma.

To be sure, the hour is already too late for several thousand children separated from their parents and in some cases their siblings. Those who have been interned have been and continue to be harmed. And there is no apologetic, no excuse, no “professional” protocols in heaven or on earth that can morally justify such child abuse. Trump’s attempt to distract from this crisis with a last minute executive order comes late for these children and families. For future asylum seekers and migrants, the executive order opens another deeply troubling possibility: indefinite incarceration of families or deportation without legal representation and fair-minded judicial review. This hardly provides an adequate solution to the crisis of separation and only aims to consolidate the power of ICE and a long historical pattern of cruelty.

For this reason, all professional associations some of whose membership provide “services” directly for or is allied in any way with ICE, the ICE child separation program, and future…

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