Trump to announce US strategy on Iran on Friday: White House

US President Donald Trump will unveil on Friday Washington’s strategy with regard to the international nuclear agreement with Iran, the White House says.

“At 12:45 tomorrow, the president will deliver remarks announcing the strategy to the country,” White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday.

Trump is expected to declare to Congress on Sunday that retaining the 2015 nuclear deal is no longer in the US national interest, opening the possibility for Congress to re-impose sanctions against Iran and undermining a landmark victory of multilateral diplomacy.

Trump has to report to Congress on October 15 whether or not Iran is complying with the nuclear deal. If he argues that Iran is not in compliance, that could cause an American withdrawal from the international pact.

This in itself does not mean the deal will collapse, but it will mark a clear break with Washington’s allies, who have pleaded with Trump to respect the…

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