Trump supporters to hold 'Spirit of America' rallies across US

Supporters of Donald Trump will be rallying in many cities across the United States this week, mainly as a rebuttal to a string of nationwide protests denouncing the new president’s policy agenda.

Organizers said rallies have been planned for nearly 60 cities, with some taking place on Monday and others later in the week.

Trump is not expected to make appearance at any of the events which are being held from coast to coast.

Some of the organizers came out of the Tea Party movement, a network of anti-establishment conservatives that emerged in 2009 with ambitions for political change and an overhaul of Washington. The movement has become a powerful force in shaping Republican politics ever since.

Main Street Patriots, the primary group behind the so-called Spirit of America rallies, said it helped organize events in at least 33 states for Monday and Saturday.

The group’s co-founder, Ralph King, was a Trump presidential elector from Ohio.

People gather…

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