Trump says he hasn’t read Mueller Report, calls it ‘waste of time’ — RT USA News

US President Donald Trump says he hasn’t actually read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report yet, adding that he knows the investigator’s conclusions, chiefly “the big one, no collusion.”

In a pair of tweets sent out on Saturday, Trump outlined that he hasn’t read the special investigator’s report into allegations that the Trump campaign team colluded with Russia and accusations that the president himself obstructed justice.

The key finding, Trump pointed out, was no evidence of collusion or obstruction and he labelled the entire enterprise as a “total waste of time.”

US Attorney General William Barr recently said that a redacted version of the report would be made public by mid-April. Hardcore Russiagate enthusiasts have accused Barr of attempting to bury or cover-up elements of the report, even though Mueller did not issue further indictments under his investigation.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.