Trump pursues Israel’s ‘long-term' desire by inviting Abbas

US President Donald Trump’s invitation of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House is part of an agenda to pursue Israel’s “long-term” goal to push Palestinians out of their lands, an analyst says.

Trump and Abbas held their first phone conversation on Friday, when the invitation was extended.

According to Ralph Schoenma, the author of Hidden History of Zionism, the move shows the new administration’s “nominal interest in discretions with Abbas.”

In his interview with Press TV on Sunday, the Berkeley-based political commentator also referred to reports of a recent meeting between the Palestinian president and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, noting that they discussed “ways in which for Abbas to provide some sort of covering sanction for the plans of Trump to accommodate himself to the agenda [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu (has) with respect to Palestinians and the occupied territories.”

US President Donald Trump…

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