Trump, Iran and the US drive for world hegemony


Trump, Iran and the US drive for world hegemony

16 October 2017

At the conclusion of a bellicose and dishonest speech on Friday, US President Donald Trump vowed to blow up the 2015 Iran nuclear accord unless it is rewritten in accordance with US demands.

The speech epitomized the arrogance and criminality of America’s ruling elite. Trump denounced Iran for spreading “conflict, terror and turmoil throughout the Middle East and beyond.” This from the leader of a country that has subjected the people of the Middle East to untold horrors, waging aggressive wars that have destroyed entire societies, causing the deaths of millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and forcing many millions more to flee their homes.

Trump denounced the 1979 Iranian revolution, painted Iran’s bourgeois-clerical government as an international outlaw regime, and cast the United States as the protector of the democratic rights of the Iranian people.

As if the Iranian masses have forgotten that the CIA organized the 1953 coup that overthrew Iran’s elected president, Mohammad Mossaddegh, and installed the Shah’s savage dictatorship, which Washington maintained in power for the next quarter-century. Or that for the past four decades the US has carried out an unrelenting campaign against Iran, repeatedly threatening it with attack, supporting Baghdad in the eight-year Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), and imposing punishing economic sanctions that culminated, under Obama, in all-out economic warfare.

Trump made clear that his demands for “correcting” the nuclear accord’s “many flaws” are nonnegotiable. They amount to an ultimatum that Tehran unilaterally disarm while the US maintains an armada in the Persian Gulf and arms its Saudi and Israeli allies to the teeth. They would…

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