Trump faces critical fall after summer of crises

US President Donald Trump is entering a critical fall following an endless summer of crises, plagued by low approval ratings, growing tensions with Republican lawmakers, a nuclear standoff with North Korea and multiple investigations into whether Trump’s election campaign aides colluded with Russia.

Last month was a difficult month for Trump and even Republicans acknowledge the scale of the challenges Trump faces in September.

In August, Trump hit one of the low points of his presidency and tarnished his credibility and moral authority over his response to the white supremacist rally that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I think it is fraught with peril, politically,” GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak said. “It’s not about getting victories, it’s about surviving and thinking about the rest of the fall,” Mackowiak added.

More than half of voters are convinced he is bent on tearing the country apart, according to one…

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