Trump deserves credit for beating Clinton against all odds: Sanders


US Senator Bernie Sanders has given credit to President-elect Donald Trump for his “extraordinary accomplishment” in overcoming all odds and beating former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the White House. 

During a town hall style interview with CNN on Monday night, Sanders, who has spared no effort to discredit Trump since his November 8 victory, was challenged to compliment him by naming his “strongest attribute.” 

“You think I should say something good about him now?” Sanders said with a smile. “That’s not a hard question for me to answer.”

“Trump took on the Republican establishment, he took on the Democratic establishment, took on the media establishment and he ended up winning the election to become president of the United States. And that is an extraordinary accomplishment. And it talks about perseverance, it talks about very strong political instincts, it talks about a way to connect with people,” the Vermont…

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  • Ken Rose

    Old Bernie, a Total Hillary cuck. He never really ran for president; he was just a contrasting example of the very far left/Commie (“free college for everyone!”) to make HRC look somewhat mainstream.
    May we never allow MSM to brainwash us again and we pay attention to the behind the scenes of politics in America. Say what you think and believe – don’t be a liberal cuck!

  • Johnny Canuck

    Time to toss out Carl Marx and the Red Flag, Bernie. You know a winner when you see him. Communism will be dead, very soon, in America.

  • L Garou

    And what does Clinton Inc. deserve for sticking that knife in your back, Bernie?
    Don’t want to talk about it, eh? We knew that..