Trump, Clinton represent the wealthiest 1% in US: Analyst

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are the two “most unpopular” candidates in US history who represent the wealthiest 1 percent of the country and not the average American, says a political analyst in Chicago.

The 2016 US presidential race is “featuring the two most unpopular candidates that has ever run for office,” said Joe Iosbaker, a member of the United National Antiwar Committee.

American voters must be “opposing the policies that both of these candidates represent, just policies that benefit only the 1 percent, policies and plans that are an agenda for war and austerity,” Iosbaker told Press TV on Monday.

“I believe that Clinton will be the next president and with her administration will come new wars and a wave of austerity, of cutbacks and attacks on the safety net that supports the poor and working people and all of us have to prepare for struggle,” he added.

Trump is “not…

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