Trump 51% job approval among Latinos — 20-point increase since December!

American Mirror
January 20, 2019

Is President Trump’s determined stance on illegal immigration helping him with Latino voters?

A new poll shows the President has a 51 percent approval among that voter group, according to numbers released this week.

The PBS-NPR-Marist survey, taken from January 10th through 13th, finds 29 percent of Latinos “strongly approve” of Trump’s performance, while 22 percent “approve.”

Just 4 percent disapprove, while 41 percent “strongly disapprove,” according to the numbers posted by Harlan Hill.

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The poll finds Trump’s approval among Latinos is one point higher than it is with Whites. Trump’s approval stands at 39 percent among registered voters, according to the survey.

The numbers find a dramatic rise among Latinos, and may be related to his strong stance against illegal immigration, and coincides with his demand for border wall funding as a condition to end the partial government shutdown.

In December, the same firm found just a 31 percent approval among Latinos — 12 percent “strongly” approving, while 19 percent just giving approval.

That’s a 20-point jump since December!

The survey also found 22 percent disapproved of his performance, while 41 percent “strongly” disapproved.

The poll also finds Trump enjoys the largest job approval among Generation X voters, who are currently 38-53 years old.

Forty-four percent of Gen X voters approve of Trump’s job.


  • Gen Z/Millennials: 37 percent approval
  • Baby Boomers: 39 percent…

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