Tragic: Young White Girl Given to Muslim Foster Parents, Told European Women Are "Stupid and Alcoholic"

Britain’s multicultural nightmare continues to unfold.


A white, Christian, five-year-old girl has been forced to live with Muslim foster carers who removed her cross, encouraged her to learn Arabic, and told her European women were alcoholics.

The five-year-old girl was put into the foster care system by scandal-ridden Tower Hamlets borough council, and has spent six months in two Muslim households against the parents’ wishes, reports The Times.

In local authority reports seen by the newspaper, a social services worker describes the sobbing child begging to not be returned to the foster home, saying “they don’t speak English”.

What an awful situation.

First, this poor girl was separated from her parents. She was then thrown into foster care.

These two things alone are traumatic. But to make things worse, she was forced into a strange environment with strange people. Later, she was moved into a different foster home – but this one was Muslim as well.

Recently, while visiting her mother, the girl stated that her foster parents openly denigrated Christianity and referred to European women as “stupid and alcoholic.”

Had local authorities done their jobs, this wouldn’t have happened. Religious, racial, linguistic, and cultural factors are supposed to be considered. In this instance, though, they were clearly ignored.

But then again, British authorities failed to stop thousands of British girls from being sexually abused by foreign men, so we…

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