Toronto Star endorses NDP-led government in Ontario


Toronto Star endorses NDP-led government in Ontario

Keith Jones

5 June 2018

The Toronto Star, the voice of Canada’s liberal establishment, is urging Ontario voters to elect a New Democratic Party (NDP)-led government when they go to the polls this Thursday.

In an editorial titled “Ontario voters should back NDP to stop Doug Ford,” the Star advocates “strategic voting,” saying voters should support the candidate from the governing Liberals or the social-democratic NDP with the best chance of defeating the Ford-led Conservative candidate in their specific electoral constituency. “Given the collapse in Liberal support,” continues the Star, this means in “most parts of the province” that “progressive voters should back the NDP candidate to make sure Ford doesn’t reach the premier’s office.”

The Star’s endorsement underlines that an important faction of Canada’s ruling elite now favors an NDP-led government in the country’s most populous province.

Meanwhile, the pseudo-left is trying to manufacture enthusiasm for the NDP, claiming that it represents a “working class” alternative to the “bosses’ parties” and constitutes a bulwark against the rise of rightwing populism in Canada.

In fact the NDP, like social-democratic parties around the world, long ago trashed its reformist program. For the past three decades, it has served as a vital instrument of the ruling class in imposing austerity and mobilizing support for Canada’s participation in a series of US-led wars and military-strategic offensives.

The Star speaks for the pro-war, pro-austerity “liberal” faction of Canada’s ruling elite. It is a pillar of the federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, just as it was of the Jean Chretien-Paul Martin Liberal governments…

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