Tories wary of Corbyn premiership as infighting deepens

Senior members of the UK’s ruling Conservative Party have urged Prime Minister Theresa May to reunite her divided government before Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn takes over her position.

May’s cabinet has been riddled with division over the country’s overall strategy to handle Brexit, more than a year after the country’s controversial vote to leave the European Union (EU).

The differences of opinion peaked last week, when Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson laid out his own Brexit outlook in an article published by the Telegraph on Saturday, which drew criticism from other Tories for promoting key Brexit demands of the opposition.

Tory grandee William Hague, who once led the party, warned in his own article on the same platform that “putting it a bit quietly,” Johnson’s words showed how May’s ministers “lack co-ordination.”

“More bluntly, it is now 15 months since the referendum, and high time that all members of the…

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