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Growing your own food has many rewards, from providing you with fresher, uncontaminated produce and cutting your grocery bill, to increasing your sense of well-being and slashing your risk of depression.

Interestingly, research shows gardening is also the most common hobby among centenarians around the world, suggesting the benefits it provides may help maximize your longevity as well.

Likewise, research shows farmers are one-third less likely to have a chronic illness than non-farmers,1and are less likely to die from diabetes or heart disease.2 Research3 also shows elderly individuals who garden on a regular basis have a 36 percent lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners.

According to longevity researcher Dan Buettner, who has studied the habits and pastimes of centenarians around the world, people who live to 100 and beyond have a number of things in common, including strong social support networks, daily exercise habits, a plant-based diet — and gardening.4

9 Health Benefits of Gardening

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Perhaps this is not so surprising when you consider that gardening fulfills several healthy lifestyle criteria, including:

1. Regular sun exposure (which has benefits beyond vitamin D production)

2. Fresh air

3. Fresh, uncontaminated food

5. Physical activity

6. Social contact and camaraderie

7. Stress relief and general sense of well-being — As reported by BBC News:5

“In a recent Dutch study,6 researchers asked participants to complete a stressful task, then split them into two groups. One group read indoors and the other gardened outdoors for 30 minutes.

The group that read reported that their mood ‘further…

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