Timeline: Germany’s Two Years of Islamist Terror and Migrant Crisis

This week, Germany experienced its worst terror atrocity since the 1980s, following 21 months of Islamist suicide bombings, shootings, axe attacks, and now a truck rampage.

The terrorist killers responsible have included numerous “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Algeria, as well as several German citizens of Turkish decent indoctrinated in radical Islam. Around seven of the plots and attacks are thought to have been linked to Islamic State.

Germany appears to have become a target of Islamist aggression since the beginning of the migrant crisis in the summer of 2015, with many blaming Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opened border mass migration policy.

April 2015

As the migrant crisis brewed, police foiled an Islamic State attack planned by two German citizens of Turkish descent. The men were aged 34 and 35.

The men were thought to be plotting a Boston-style attack on the Eschborn-Frankfurt City loop bike race in Oberursel, and police found bomb-making materials in their home near the race route.

September 2015

As the migrant crisis reached a late summer peak, an Iraqi citizen and convicted terrorist who was claiming asylum in Germany was shot dead after stabbing a female police officer in the neck.

Rafik Mohamad Yousef, 41, was a member of a terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda, but claimed his “human rights” would be violated if he were sent back to Iraq.

February 2016

Three Algerians who were said to have “lived in refugee shelters” and had…

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