Timberlake Embodies ‘White Male Privilege,’ Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Not ‘Right for This Moment’

Washington Free Beacon
February 7, 2018

National Public Radio music critic Ann Powers said Monday that Justin Timberlake embodies “white male privilege” and that his Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday was not “right for this moment.”

“It’s really, in some ways, not his fault. It’s just who he is,” Powers added of Timberlake, who has won multiple Grammys and is one of the best-selling male soloists in pop music history.

Harkening back to the infamous “wardrobe malfunction,” when Timberlake briefly exposed fellow Super Bowl halftime performer Janet Jackson’s breast in 2004, Powers said that moment “haunted” his show on Sunday, which consisted of Timberlake singing his hits and included a tribute to Prince.

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This article was posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:45 am

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