Tillerson says US won’t win 'battlefield victory' in Afghanistan

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has undermined President Donald Trump’s promise to win the Afghan war and defeating the Taliban, saying Washington might not succeed in the war.

“I think the president was clear this entire effort was intended to put pressure on the Taliban, to have the Taliban understand that you will not win a battlefield victory,” Tillerson said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon. “We may not win one, but neither will you.”

His remarks came one day after Trump said he would prolong the military intervention in the South Asian country, which he once described as a “complete waste.”

Tillerson also stepped up pressure on the neighboring Pakistan over its perceived support for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

He pointed to the fact that the US is a key ally of Pakistan and that Islamabad enjoys a special status as a non-NATO partner which receives billions of dollars in aid.

US military personnel listen…

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