This week in history: April 23-29


This week in history: April 23-29

23 April 2018

25 years ago: “Human rights” crusade for bombing of Serbs

Map showing ethnic composition of Bosnia. Blue are areas that are predominantly Serb, yellow Croatian, and green Muslim.

On April 26, 1993, President Bill Clinton issued an order aligning the US with United Nations sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia. The sanctions aimed at a total embargo, not just on Yugoslav exports and imports, which had been in effect since 1992, but even on the transshipment of goods through Yugoslavia. The extreme sanctions, passed by a UN Security Council vote that saw Russia and China abstain, came amidst a growing crescendo of hysterical calls for military intervention in the Bosnian civil war in the name of “human rights.”

Clinton was said to be preparing a plan by which the US would launch missile strikes on Bosnian Serb positions, while simultaneously lifting an arms embargo so that military equipment could be delivered to Bosnia’s Muslim army. Britain and France were also readying their air forces for strikes.

The Bosnian civil war, pitting the nationalist ex-Stalinist cliques among Serbian, Croatian, and Muslim Bosnians, was precipitated by the imperialist-backed breakup of Yugoslavia. There were warnings that any escalation of Western involvement would also lead to a civil war in Kosovo as well, pitting its Albanian majority against the ruling Serb minority. This was of no interest to the war crusaders, who, spearheaded by the New York Times, suddenly discovered in Bosnia not just “ethnic cleansing”—a recently-deployed neologism—but now also a “Holocaust” and “genocide” for which “the Serbs” alone must be blamed. The answer, according to the liberal warmongers, was to bomb them.

“Does the World Still Recognize…

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