There’s no spirit, there’s deal, and Iran is compliant with it: Former Obama official

A former senior aide to ex-US President Barack Obama has rejected the narrative by current American administration officials that Iran is “violating the spirit” of a 2015 nuclear deal even as it is in technical compliance with it.

“This notion that somehow Iran is in violation of the spirit of the deal… There’s no spirit of the deal. There’s the deal, and Iran is in compliance with the agreement,” said Tony Blinken, a former deputy national security adviser to Obama and former deputy secretary of state.

“The IAEA, which monitors the agreement, has said that repeatedly. Ironically, so has the Trump administration,” Blinken added, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency by its abbreviation.

He was speaking to the American National Public Radio (NPR).

The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was reached between Iran and six other countries — France, Russia, China, Britain, Germany, and…

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