The UK’s Labour Party and Its “Anti-Semitism” Crisis

Photo source Raph_PH | CC BY 2.0

The Labour is in the midst of an “antisemitism crisis” orchestrated by the media, pro-Zionist Jewish groups, and the party’s Blairite faction bent on ousting Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

The UK’s media is overwhelmingly rightwing and pro-Israel.  Even the BBC, terrified of being donated to Rupert Murdoch in a Tory privatization, is pro-Tory and pro-Israel in its news reporting, all its professions of “objectivity” notwithstanding.

Corbyn has been their constant target since he became the party’s leader, and the “antisemitism” smear is the latest installment in this rightwing effort to discredit him.

Even the supposedly liberal Guardian newspaper, whose editorial line on Israel is led by the staunch Zionist Jonathan Freedland, is resolutely anti-Corbyn.

No leader of a major political party has been as resolute as Corbyn in defending Palestinian rights.  The Observer newspaper put this succinctly:  “As a long-term and ardent critic of Israel’s policies and staunch supporter of Palestinian causes, he has always been distrusted by the Jewish community”.

Pro-Zionist Jewish groups fear that under his leadership Britain will become much more like Ireland (which recently banned the import of products made in the illegal Israeli settlements) in its disposition towards Israel.

A clue to the motivation of these pro-Zionist UK Jewish groups was provided by the recent public protest in London against Labour’s…

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