The Two-State Solution is Neither

Photo Source Social Justice – Bruce Emmerling | CC BY 2.0

Is the Two-State Solution now the zombie of Western political-thought–an idea long dead, yet still walking the landscape, with bits of it rotting and falling off, while reason and history shoot holes in it, but it keeps staggering on, infecting the political discourse? Who can sincerely believe in it anymore?   Least of all, Israel and the Zionists, since the idea’s basic post-Madrid concept has been so thoroughly abused and violated,  perforated with holes so big you can plant a settlement in them.  The idea has been rendered  no longer materially feasible, to put it politely–well and truly screwed to pieces, not so politely– while any lingering confidence by the Palestinians in the good-faith intentions of Israel and the United States has been replaced with mistrust and despair, and the cold realization that US policy does not have any interest in a just or fair outcome for the Palestinians.   It never really has had any interest in helping the Palestinians. What killed the Two State Solution, we might ask?   The settlements killed the Two-State Solution–but NOT as an accidental by-product of Israeli “security” issues, as if the settlements were a casual, reversible mistake.  But rather they killed the Two-State Solution as part of a calculated agenda from  the very start of the Zionist project to capture, de-populate and settle Jews on ALL the land of Palestine.  Zionism’s early…

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