The teachers’ struggle spreads to Arizona and Colorado


The teachers’ struggle spreads to Arizona and Colorado

25 April 2018

The resistance movement of teachers in the United States is entering a new stage.

On Thursday, nearly 60,000 educators in Arizona are scheduled to launch the first statewide teachers’ strike in the history of that southwestern state. They are demanding a 20 percent raise and the restoration of more than $1 billion in school funding cuts over the last decade.

On Friday, thousands of teachers in neighboring Colorado are expected to converge on the state capitol in Denver to demand improved wages and pensions.

On Tuesday, 3,000 teaching and research assistants began a four-day strike at Columbia University in New York City.

The wave of teachers’ strikes, which began in West Virginia and Oklahoma over the last two months, is an expression of an objective process with far-reaching consequences. As the Trump administration and its opponents in the ruling class remain locked in a ferocious conflict centered on issues of foreign policy and war, an altogether different conflict has emerged between the working class and the entire capitalist ruling elite.

The teachers’ revolt in the US is part of an international resurgence of the class struggle that has drawn in educators and public- and private-sector workers across Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The decades-long period in which the unions could suppress the class struggle—giving the ruling class a free hand to drive down the social position of the working class and transfer wealth to the corporate and financial oligarchy—is coming to an end. The teachers’ strikes are the precursors of immense class battles on the horizon.

This makes it all the more urgent that teachers and the entire working class carefully review the lessons of…

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