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…is becoming unbearable.  I am moved to pity by what I am seeing, and while this isn’t a 2019 prediction, perhaps it is an early obituary.  The tweeting AOC is the canary in the social-political coal mine, or perhaps the caged birds of Birdbox, high-pitched, precarious, panicking in the discovery that they are trapped, and that it is only their death or permanent capture that gives their life meaning, if at all.

So sad.  Virginia Governor Northam – progressive, pro-state, pro-military, pro-big pharma – by definition anti-life – has stumbled into an over-the-top statement supporting post-birth abortion, aka infanticide.  I’m sure the dear man didn’t mean a word he said, but shrinking support for progressive lunacy among the core democrats – like these business owners, and this guy, and the shrinking subsets of “reliable” democratic voters, is driving socialists insane.

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Why can’t people just admit that eliminating private property, living in a sharing society under the heavily equipped and magnificent direction of a great globally-minded bureaucracy is glory indeed?  I mean, we have seen so much progress made, and yet, as the years unfold, every gain is diluted or reversed, every intended end subverted by the very people it was designed to benefit.

We see the illegalizing of large size soda and plastic straws, obscene municipal abuses from parking enforcement, property seizures, and local political corruption and ever-increasing regulation, taxes and fees.  We see many states – and not just on the liberal coasts — literally taxing their golden geese into a one-way flight.  We see the IRS and TSA…

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