The Slick and Sick Propaganda

As anyone even slightly aware knows, Americans are being inundated with endless Russian and Muslim propaganda aimed at convincing the American people that it is the United States that stands in the way of peace around the world.  Sophisticated and crude in turns, what the psychologists call passive aggressive, these efforts at mind-control can be seen all across the internet. For years, The Washington Post, always somehow attuned to the latest intelligence, has been sounding the alarm about hundreds of Russian-linked websites aimed at gulling the American public into complacency.  These efforts are about far more than creating fake news, hacking emails, and manipulating our elections.  Everyone knows these have happened as overwhelming evidence has piled up and been repetitively reported by our finest media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, etc. They have made it clear that our democracy is at stake from without, ably and seditiously supported from within.  We are under attack.

But the propaganda campaign aimed at Americans of good will has taken a far more sinister turn.  Giving speeches – ostensibly to their own people but really aimed at a U.S. audience – that sound sweet and reasonable is part of their game.  Americans should beware.

Recently we heard from Vladimir Putin, a statement surely meant to soften the resistance to Russian aggression among well-meaning but easily deluded liberal Americans.  You wouldn’t have heard such cultivated, smooth talk coming from communist leaders in the days of the U.S.S.R. with their blunt desk-thumping threats and ideological frontal assaults lacking in all reason.

Words such as these are meant to appeal to reason and melt the human heart:

Among the many traits…

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