The Real Racists: Examining the Outrage Over the Chicago Kidnapping

The recent kidnapping and torture of a special needs teen has inspired a massive amount of outrage on social media.

Many people, including a considerable amount of non-Whites, have been quick to assert that this barbaric act was indeed an instance of anti-White racism. This is significant, for the very term “racism” has been hijacked and redefined so that it cannot apply to White victims. As such, pointing out anti-White racism is a legitimate, albeit tame, act of rebellion against Cultural Marxism.

And while it is certainly preferable for the masses to decry anti-White racism than deny its existence altogether, a closer examination of the situation reveals that this public outrage is rooted in the color blind, individualistic form of anti-racism extolled by conservatives.

The Real Racists

Unfortunately, most condemnations of the Chicago kidnapping invariably wind up attributing the attack to “racist Democrats” or some other nonsense.

“Dems R the Real Racists”, otherwise known as “DR3”, is a meme created by the guys at The Right Stuff. Designed to poke fun at a particular line of reasoning favored by conservatives, this meme refers to the conservative talking point that liberals are the *real* racists, whereas conservatives are the truly enlightened egalitarians.

There are a number of issues with this talking point. For one, it was the Left that paved the way for virtually every “social justice” issue with…

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