The Mainstream Media's Climate Malpractice

A storm front rolls into Portarlington, Australia, on December 2, 2010. (Photo: mrpbps)A storm front rolls into Portarlington, Australia, on December 2, 2010. (Photo: mrpbps)

A state of disaster has been declared in 31 flooded Texas counties as rivers in the region are cresting at historic highs.

Six people have died, up to four more people are missing and hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in Houston as the Brazos River reached over 54 feet in Fort Bend County.

On the East Coast, the National Hurricane Center declared that Tropical Depression Bonnie, which caused significant flash flooding in the US Southeast over Memorial Day weekend, has “revived” off the coast of North Carolina.

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It’s not just remarkable that Bonnie “revived” itself as a Tropical Depression — it’s remarkable that 2016 is the second year in a row that the Atlantic hurricane season has begun before June 1.

Over in Europe meanwhile, the French government issued an orange alert in response to days of torrential rains that brought the Seine’s water level to over five meters.

As a result, the Louvre announced earlier today that it was not admitting any more visitors to the museum and that the museum will be closed to the public on Friday so that staff can prepare for the worst.

Nine people in total have died across northern Europe as a result of the storms and subsequent flooding: Streets are submerged, schools have been forced to close, thousands of people have been evacuated and others have been stranded on their rooftops.

The Loiret region in France alone has gotten six weeks of rainfall in three days, and the situation in Europe has been described as “worse than the floods of 1910,” which cost France roughly $1.5 billion in today’s dollars.

And the mainstream media in this country is committing malpractice with their coverage of these events.

The simple fact is, these storms are directly connected to global climate change.

More specifically, these storms are directly related to the “water vapor positive feedback…

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