The Cult of the Presidency

In a recent article I wrote about misdirection in healthcare and I asked the following question:

What is the worst health insurance plan one can buy?  Answer: Obamacare

Obamacare only pays the bills, no one is any healthier; it forces the young to pay for insurance when they are healthy, thus producing pure profit for the insurance companies and robs the young of purchasing a car or a home

I received a number of negative emails about my criticism of the ACA: Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  One physician even demanded I write a retraction given that a few million Americans now have healthcare insurance who wouldn’t have insurance coverage without the ACA.

I responded by saying all healthcare insurance plans are unaffordable, including the ACA.  A prime reason I gave was that it doesn’t make Americans any healthier, but it does pay doctor bills, which is why doctors favored it out of their own self-interest, which gives them a biased view. 

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Furthermore, by virtue of the expansion of coverage it actually raised the total cost of care.  The passage of the ACA added hundreds of billions of dollars to Medicaid budgets as many low-income families discovered they qualified for Medicaid rather than ACA subsidies. For example, Medicaid spending rose $107 billion in 2014 as the ACA was promoted throughout the U.S.

Insurance industry-led reform

Furthermore, the ACA was schemed up in the White House when the Executive Branch met with health insurance executives in 2013 who were in negotiations over the problematic issue of insurance plans not accepting new applicants who had preexisting health conditions.  (A photo…

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