The Conservative Movement Is a Big Con

Time constraints preclude the thorough analysis of “The Big Con,” the so-called “conservative movement,” that this subject deserves.  For now, however, suffice it to say that the conservative movement is largely a fiction constructed by the merchants of Big Conservative media—to whom, from this point onward, I refer simply as Big Cons.

As long as those of the Big Cons remain the faces of the official right, the left will continue to do what it has been doing for the last so many decades: It will continue cleaning house in the “cultural wars.”

Of course, the Big Cons could never so much as remotely concede this as a possibility, much less an actuality.  Such an admission would, after all, be bad for business.  Yet it is true all the same.

Simply put, Big Cons have neither the will nor even the imagination necessary to fight the left on the terms that the left has established.

To put it even more bluntly, Big Cons fear the left.

In fact, even this manner of speaking understates the case: Big Cons are terrified of the left.

So as to avoid misunderstanding, the referent here isn’t limited to the fear of professional ruination and/or the loss of social status, i.e. all of those invitations to Manhattan and D.C. cocktail parties that so many Big Cons crave. The fear to which I refer is more primal than this:

Big Cons fear for their physical safety lest they get on the bad side of the left’s more rabid faction.

Leftists make noise, issue uncompromising demands, organize in massive numbers, clog streets, and use abrasive, even outrageous, language—tactics designed to intimidate others.  Yet leftists do more than just intimidate.  They attempt to slander and ruin reputations and livelihoods. They are also known for…

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