The Biggest Healthcare Mistakes and Misdirections

What is the biggest healthcare mistake?    Taking calcium pills to ward off bone loss (osteoporosis) among females.

A shortage of estrogen induces loss of bone, not a shortage of calcium; estrogen replacement or molecules that mimic estrogen (resveratrol) are appropriate.

What is the biggest health misdirection?  Phobia over fat and cholesterol

What is the most economical and safe way of lowering cholesterol if one cannot get over cholesterol phobia?  Vitamin C and apple pectin

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Vitamin C and later accompanying apple pectin were described by Slovakian researcher Emil Ginter in 1971 as cholesterol lowering agents that work by inducing cholesterol disposal via bile flow (bile is composed of cholesterol) years before the marketing of the first statin cholesterol lowering drug (Mevacor) that was ineffective at reducing coronary artery disease mortality rates but was allowed by the FDA to continue sale by prescription as more powerful statin drugs were later introduced.  Even though statin drugs only prevent non-mortal heart attacks in 3 in 100 statin users over a period of 5 years, doctors told patients they would die of a sudden heart attack if they didn’t take their statin drug.  Fear reigned and dietary fats that are needed to make cholesterol in the liver were avoided resulting in an explosion in the incidence of infertility, mental depression, memory loss, hormonal collapse (thyroid, adrenal) and muscle aches.  Statin drugs are liver toxins that require monitoring by a physician.

What is best to take after a heart attack?   Aged red wine or red wine pill

In wine-loving France, compared to teetotalers,

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