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Every week two or three freighters disappear around the world – it’s thought they could be claimed by huge “rogue waves” capable of breaking an ocean-going tanker in half. Sputnik spoke to author Jo Keeling, who has been researching them for a new book.

Shipbuilders use a linear model to build ships and it explains how waves work, Ms. Keeling told Sputnik. The model, however, says rogue waves are impossible and don’t exist.

“There are no ships currently built to withstand these waves, because we have only just started to realize rogue waves exist. They are built to withstand a different type of sea. It’s the biggest secret of the shipping industry, two freighters goes missing every week — which is not to say rogue waves are responsible. It could have been many other things. But ships go missing and we don’t always hear about them in the mainstream press,” Ms. Keeling told Sputnik.

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Because they exist in the deepest oceans and rarely trouble the majority of the world’s population — they largely go unreported, says Jo Keeling, who has researched them for a new book, The Mysterium.

What Is a Rogue Wave?

They are a wave more than double the significant wave height.

“So say you are going into a really rough sea with 12 meter high waves, the chances are most waves will be about that height. But these are singular, one-off waves which are more than double that and often three times that size,” Ms. Keeling explained.

“So you’d be in this rough sea in a vessel…

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