Swedish PM Calls Urgent Meeting with Police After 7 Killings in 2 Weeks

Sweden’s PM calls an urgent meeting with police in the wake of a string of gangland killings in recent weeks.

In the last two weeks, 7 people have been murdered as a result of gang violence in Sweden.

The PM said he was going to give the police extra resources in a bid to stop the ‘pitiless, cold-blooded killers’.

Stefan Löfven said: “We have allocated more resources to the police than the authority already demanded, but more resources, other equipment, whatever we should do.

“For this reason, I have today asked Morgan Johansson to call the police forces, to hear what more we can do from the government to get the police the right resources. This must be broken.”

“I think it’s pitiless, cold blooded killers we’re dealing with now.”

More evidence of violence on the increase across Europe – very concerning indeed.






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