Sweden Makes Sex Info Films for Immigrants

Sweden’s government has funded a series of films to teach immigrant women about sex, their sexual organs, and their reproductive rights.

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), a sexual charity, has so far made eleven films, which are currently being translated into 14 different languages.  

The animated films, the first of which were put online at the end of March, cover all aspects of sex from pure enjoyment, with titles such as “Lust and Pleasure”, and “Female Genitalia”, to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and female genital mutilation.  

“We want it to be absolutely not condescending, or demeaning, we want it to be empowering, that in Sweden you have these rights,” Magdalena Abrahamsson, who led the project, told The Local.

The videos, which are closer to slide shows than films, communicate Sweden’s matter-of-fact approach to sex in Arabic, Dari, Somali, Persian, Northern and Central Kurdish, English and other languages.  

“For some people the most pleasurable thing is to be stroked all over,” says the narrator in Lust and Pleasure, “while others enjoy putting something in the vagina.”  

The video then goes on to describe how the clitoris becomes erect during sexual arousal, masturbation, and the use of lubricants, ending with a message on the importance of good communication with your sexual partner and being “open and curious.”

Abrahamsson said RFSU had not found that women newly arrived from sexually conservative countries…

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