Successful Protest of Muslim Prayer Call by Alternative for Sweden in Växjö

Kasselstrand: “The whole thing is so incredibly ridiculous”

Hundreds of enthusiastic Swedes gathered in Växjö to show their support for Alternative for Sweden (AFS), while protesting against Islamic prayer calls.

Expectations were high when AFS held its first party meeting and launched its election campaign. Approximately 400 brave Swedes were in attendance to show their support for the party, and their dissatisfaction with the Islamization of our country.

A few counter-protesters had gathered to declare that “racists” should not be on “their” streets. Ingrid Carlqvist, a reporter for the new alternative paper “Svegot,” was on the scene: she estimates that they numbered less than ten, but they were as unpleasant as usual. Carlqvist tells us that the atmosphere in general was very upbeat:

People were very positive and charged! It was incredibly nice just to be there. You finally see the excitement in people’s eyes. The weather was brilliant. Kasselstrand and the other members of the party made great speeches. There was lots of enthusiasm, even spontaneous applause. It feels so nice that the most…

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