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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease after this famous baseball player died of the disease in 1941) is a disease without a known cause or cure.  It progressively disables motor neurons and often a victim dies by choking to death or can’t expand their lungs and succumbs by asphyxiation.

Researchers writing in the Annual Review of Biochemistry have been investigating SOD1—superoxide dismutase 1 – an internally made enzymatic antioxidant and ALS.  When the human body is biologically stressed SOD-1 is produced from copper-zinc precursors.  Somehow in the development of ALS zinc-copper SOD1 becomes toxic, destroying motor neurons (nerves used for movement).

In a more recent report published in Neurobiology of Disease we learn that the provision of copper lengthens the lifespan of ALS mice by 25%.

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Then, apparently on the cusp of a cure, researcher Stephen Byer indicates a zinc/copper drug is being tested and winks his eye to say, if you read between the lines, that maybe ALS patients ought to be taking copper and zinc supplements.

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There is no way to get enough zinc from the diet.  Dr. Byer goes on to spell out what to do: “Copper and zinc pose little to no risk and have few side effects and can be purchased at most health food stores as well as online. The recommended dosage is 90-100 mg of zinc and 2-3 mg of copper, taken twice daily. In other words, don’t wait for the copper/zinc drug.”

With all of the above information as background information, in my investigations of natural remedies for helpless diseases, I stumble across the following case report published in BMJ (British Medical Journal Case…

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