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“They also serve who only stand and pick.” — John Milton (almost)

The Wrecking Crew changed popular music in the 1960’s. The only member who ever made it big as a solo performer was Glen Campbell. These musicians were the music behind the Beach Boys, including “Good Vibrations.” There is a great documentary on them on Netflix.

My review of the documentary is here.

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In Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the Swampers did the same thing in the late 1960’s . . . and beyond. If they had not existed, Aretha Franklin would still not be getting any respect.


The most famous back-up guitarist was, and still is, James Burton. He was a teenager in Shreveport when Ozzie Nelson heard about him in 1957. Ozzie brought him to California to back up his son Ricky.

I wrote about him here: “Play It, James.” The phrase comes from Elvis. He hired the best for his return to Las Vegas in 1969 and thereafter. He had Burton assemble the band. It was some band.

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