Striking Syrian forces was an 'unintentional error,' US says

The US Defense Department says mid-September airstrikes that killed dozens of Syrian soldiers in the country’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr was an “unintentional error” and did not violate international law.

The Pentagon made the claims in a statement on Tuesday, saying that the US-led coalition had launched the air raids based on wrong intelligence and as it was not a deliberate mistake, it would not constitute a breach of law.

“The evidence showed there was not a deliberate disregard of targeting procedures or the rules of engagement,” the statement said. “The decision to strike these targets was made in accordance with the law of armed conflict and the applicable rules of engagement.”

On September 17, two F-16 and two A-10 jets entered Syrian air space from Iraq and carried out four attacks. Reports said that the air raids were conducted by American, Australian, Danish and British warplanes.

At least 90 Syrian soldiers lost their lives…

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