Stop UK-made weapons to Saudis taking Yemeni lives, Amnesty urges

Amnesty International has urged the British people to petition their lawmakers to pressure the UK government to immediately halt arms transfers to Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is launching indiscriminate attacks against Yemeni schools, hospitals, mosques and funeral halls, and London risks complicity in acts that amount to war crimes, the UK-based human rights group said in a statement on Thursday.

“Schools, hospitals, mosques, funeral halls – it seems nothing is off-limits for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and their campaign of air strikes on Yemen,” Amnesty said in its petition.

“We know that UK-made weapons are amongst those claiming Yemeni lives. By continuing to supply Saudi Arabia and the coalition with arms, the UK risks complicity in acts that may amount to war crimes,” it added.

“The UK government is now being taken to court over the legality of these arms transfers – and they are feeling the pressure. Now is the time to act. Tell your MP…

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