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The news that President Trump is seriously considering neoconservative Elliott Abrams for the key position of Deputy Secretary of State should alarm all Americans who want to “avoid the mistakes of the past,” as Trump put it in his major foreign policy speech. Abrams stands for everything the President said he opposes: regime change, globalism, hostility to Russia, endless wars on behalf of ungrateful “allies.”

No matter what you think of Trump, Abrams in a key State Department position represents a grave threat to peace.

In addition, Abrams was indicted and convicted in the infamous “Contra-gate” scandal of the 1980s, when he collaborated in a plot to cover up paying ransom to Iran for the hostages they had taken.

Although he was pardoned by Ronald Reagan, this hardly alters his criminal status – and that’s the least of his crimes. During that same period he was instrumental in supporting not only the Nicaraguan contras, but also the terrorist “death squads” that wreaked devastation on El Salvador – a horrific phenomenon that led directly to the chaos that has turned that country into a killing field ruled by criminals.

Tens of thousands of Salvadorans are today showing up at our southern border due to Abrams’ activities in the Reagan era.

Abrams is a prominent member of a faction that has been responsible for most of the devastation that the United States has wrought throughout the Middle East and the world since 9/11. He supported the Iraq war: he supports regime change in Syria. His entire career exemplifies all that is wrong with the conduct of US foreign policy in recent times.

In short, Abrams must be stopped.

The post of Deputy Secretary of State is subject to confirmation by the Senate. Although as of this writing Abrams’ appointment is by no means certain, now is the time to act.

No matter what you think of Trump, this must be stopped. Contact the White House and call your Senators. Tell them: No on Abrams!

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