Still Leftist After All These Years

I devote an entire department to the fiat money Greenback lawyer Ellen Brown. She doesn’t understand economics. She also doesn’t understand historical documentation. I proved this in 2010. You can read the proof here.

She still publishes articles on her website. Occasionally, they are picked up by Left-wing sites. The article I analyze here is an example. It was posted on TruthdigTruthdig is a Leftist site.

Incredibly, people who regard themselves as conservatives cite her as an authority. In the case of Max Kaiser, he actually brings her on his show. He has been doing this for a decade.


She is a big promoter of government-subsidized higher education. She thinks higher education should be free of charge to the masses.

She does not believe in personal debt for higher education. She regards all debt as slavery. As a Greenbacker, she believes that debt is unnecessary. The federal government can simply issue pieces of paper with Presidents’ pictures on them. It can subsidize the voters. Therefore, nobody has to go into debt. Ever. This has been the Greenback party line ever since the 1880’s. (There actually was a Greenback Party in the 1880’s.)

To persuade readers of this, she begins with a quotation. As is the case with so many of her quotations, it is bogus. You can find it only on Greenback sites. You cannot find any reference to this document in a collection of documents published by a professional historian. She cannot cite it from anything like an official collection of documents. So, she hedges her language. She uses the weasel word, “reportedly.”

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