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Staying warm during the bitter cold takes some planning. There are plenty of people that survived with very basic means in very cold places. Luckily we have some more convenient options.  This winter is starting to look like it will be a cold one in my area, so I have been thinking about how to stay warm, especially during an emergency situation. All too often bitter cold comes with snow and ice storms too. Bitter cold is easier to handle as long as you have electricity.

A lot of gas or propane heaters do not work at all or at least work less efficiently when the power is out. Oil heaters may not function either. My Dad has one of the older Monitor heaters, and it requires power to use even though it is oil.


One of the preps I have started putting back recently is a few inexpensive fleece blankets. You can get a dozen for $50 or so on Amazon, or you may find that you can get good ones a few at a time at your local grocery store. Of course, you may want some nicer blankets to stay cozy too. The post I link to below has a lot of options in a wide price range.

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Best Wool Blankets For Survival and Emergencies

Classic Mylar Emergency Blankets

These are so inexpensive and useful that every prepper should have a dozen or two. Emergency blankets can be used for signaling or as reflectors for lights too.

Hand warmers

There are many types of hand warmers. The disposable kind is nice but they only last for 8 hours. You can get Zippo hand warmers that take lighter fluid so you can keep them going for as long as you have fuel.

Consolidate into fewer rooms

A smaller space is easier to keep warm. While you naturally don’t want pipes and plumbing to freeze, you can…

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