'Statistics show apparent injustice in court system'

Statistical facts have shown that the British judiciary system appears to be biased against minority groups, says an academic in London.

Professor Rodney Shakespeare said the bias against non-white groups not only includes the sentences handed over to minorities, but also the assumptions raised against them.

“If you are in a minority group, you not only get stiffer penalties, fines and jail sentences compared to a white group,” Shakespeare told Press TV in a phone interview on Saturday.

Shakespeare said that in addition to the apparent partiality and unfairness in the justice system, Britain’s education system is also racially biased against blacks and other minorities and they are not granted the same opportunities as whites.  

He said indiscriminate opportunities  in education and jobs is the only way to overcome the social injustices; by building a genuine economy for these groups, instead of the low paid, temporary and insecure…

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