Speech by “Controversial Commentator” at Canadian University Interrupted by Cultural Marxists

Right-wing commentator Faith Goldy was invited to speak at a free speech event at Wilfrid Laurier University on Tuesday evening when the event took an unexpected turn.

Before the speech got underway someone pulled the fire alarm forcing the building to be evacuated.

Goldy was supposed to be the first guest speaker in The Unpopular Opinions Speaker Series launched by a student-run club called Laurier Society for Open Inquiry.

Lindsay Shepherd, the club’s president, gained international attention last year when she was unjustly reprimanded by university officials for showing a public debate to her class about the use of gender neutral pronouns.

Hundreds of students gathered in protest and called for the event to be shut down.

Goldy is known for her “controversial views” and was at the event to argue for closed borders. The group, however, wasn’t able to find an academic that wanted to participate alongside Goldy.

In a statement, Wilfrid Laurier University says it does not limit the peaceful and lawful…

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